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 New Bibleway Baptist Church was organized Feburary 1973 at the home of Rev C.B.Sullivan 4047 Golf,Rd Skokie,Ill with 17 members services were held there and in various homes and at Foster Center Evanston,Ill  until God directed me to 251 Asbury Evanston,Ill and blessed us with that location,there was much opposition from the neighbors and city inspectors but God gave us favor,fire crackers was thrown in the Church during bible study and prayer,homemade bombs were planted in open spaces in the rear of the Church and lit but God would not let them explode,there were numerous break in's our musical equipment was stolen thanks to the Evanston Police Department all of it was recovered,we are still carrying on in the name of the Lord,to God be the glory.


Founder,Pastor and Presiding Bishop


















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